Chris & Cab Wedding Highlight Video / One Year Anniversary

Chris & Cab Wedding Highlight Video / One Year Anniversary

We can hardly believe it’s already been a year since our special day in the desert. Every time we think back to that day we can’t help but smile, and if we’re being honest it was such a special weekend (from the Welcome Dinner to the Day-After Pool Party) that we wish we could go back and do it all again. In light of our one year anniversary, we wanted to share our Wedding Highlight video, aka THE GREATEST WEDDING VIDEO OF ALL TIME. 

When it came to our video, we wanted to do something a little different than the typical wedding highlight vid. And by “we”, I mean mostly me. Christina did most of the wedding planning, and I deferred to her for most of the decisions, like the flower arrangements and decor. But the video was probably the main thing I had strong opinions about. You see, most wedding recap vids are all the same. It’s basically just a montage of clips cut over music. Not only did I want something more original, but I also felt like I myself had the video editing skills to cut clips over music to make a montage, so I also had an issue in my head with paying thousands of dollars for a video I, in theory, knew how to make.

Instead, I thought it would be dope to make a documentary-style “film”, one that also featured interviews of our closest friends and family. I got this idea in part from our friends’ Mimi and Sebastian’s proposal video. Also, I think the people in your inner circle see the ups and downs of past relationships, and so when you find your person, they especially share in the joy and excitement on your wedding day. So I just thought how great it would be for these people to be in the video, especially when we watch it several years from now. You know….#futurenostalgia.

Though we talked to a few videographers, I knew from the jump I wanted to work with our friends Chris Luong, Justin Hernandez, and their team at Sloan Visuals. Not only did they know us and I felt they understood our style and what we wanted, but these guys are EMMY-AWARD WINNING VIDEOGRAPHERS. Seriously, one of the commercials they worked on won an Emmy.

Anyways, long story short, Chris and Justin took our concept, and executed PERFECTLY. Bro…this video is so fire. This wedding video deserves an Emmy, too, dammit. Ok…that’s enough hyperbole and backstory. Without further ado….peep the video.

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