#LifeinHouston - Brunch at Bludorn

#LifeinHouston - Brunch at Bludorn

Christina went for her first time several weeks ago with her girlfriends for dinner, and I finally got to check it out when we went there for brunch. Normally I would never say a place is my favorite after only one visit, but I’m making that exception here for two good reasons: 1) everything was so damn good, so perfectly cooked, and so far above any meal I’ve had as of late; and 2)

Christina said her dinner with the girls was just as good, plus there were a couple of dinner-menu items that are also available for brunch (which we ordered). So, at the risk of being a hypebeast, I feel comfortable making such a bold statement.

Our brunch visit was a “pseudo” date night. We originally wanted to go for dinner, but reservations stay booked for weeks in advance, so we decided to book a Sunday brunch reservation instead.


We started the meal by ordering a bottle of rose and the Petit Seafood Tower, comprised of 1/2 dozen raw oysters of assorted origin, a crudo-like tuna dish, and their take on shrimp cocktail. All that sounds simple and straightforward - it might even sound boring. But I was literally taken aback when I took my first bite. Christina thought something was wrong, but on the contrary, I was just so surprised about how good these simple dishes were that I questioned all of life for a second.

We also got the octopus (which is also on their dinner menu), lobster soft scramble, squash blossom with ricotta, blueberry buttermilk pancakes (made entirely from scratch), and the milk bread kolache (which is literally an entire loaf of bread stuffed with a whole sausage, poblano, and cheddar cheese. I’d recommend it all. (But if you do get the kolache make sure there are at least 4 people. I mean I eat a lot and it was too much for even me.)

Do yourself a favor and check out Bludorn A-S-A-P.



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