Working From Home Playlists

Working From Home Playlists


Since we’re all working from home, we wanted to share a few playlists on Spotify that we’ve been enjoying and that’s been helping us stay focused.

If you’ve got any playlists you think others would dig, drop a comment below with a link!

  1. Chill Beats Weekly - Mellow beats, chillhop, smooth lo-fi vibes

  2. Jazz Vibes - Chill hip-hop beats with a jazzy edge. (Similar vibe as the Chill Beets Weekly playlist.)

  3. “Intoxicated” Radio - This is a playlist based on “Intoxicated” by Pomo. I’ve listened to this song over and over for the last year and have yet to get tired of it. Think happy, funky, electronic pop dance vibes. (S/o Julia H. for putting me on to the song.)

  4. Electronic Chill & Deep House - Like the name suggests, electronic, chill, and deep house. Upbeat but not too aggressive. Think the kind of loungey house you’d hear in the lobby of a trendy hotel or a sushi restaurant.

  5. Justice Der Radio - New school, contemporary R&B and jazz vibes.

  6. Coffee Table Jazz - Relaxing, real jazz. (<- At the moment, this is my go-to playlist when I have to write out longer blog posts or read.)

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